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Aug. 1st, 2012

Hey Livejournal.

I'm lightyears from where I left you last.

That peace comes; their peace comes.

Friends Only. Comment to be added.

"Now every new love is just a shadow..."

'Cause once you've known love you don't know how to find love,
Yeah, once you've found love you don't know how to find new love...

23 is going to be difficult. I thought I had overcome so much the past few years, but I'm really just beginning a process.

I'm trying to view it as opportunity, but I can't help feeling a very deep disheartening.

I want to exhume that richness I used to possess. It would get me somewhere, sometimes.

Leave me by myself.

William Fitzsimmons' music sounds like my insecurities. Like, if you were to put them all in a tiny box and then place your ear up against it - that's what they would sound like all together.

Picture Post! December 2008.


Storm of the century and other such wintery scenes...

Click the link below for some highlights, or click the picture to view the whole gallery.Read more...Collapse )

I know I spammed this video everywhere, but still.

Thank you, Dr. King.

Vancouver, B.C., here we come!

Life update...

I am so excited it's almost Thanksgiving. I have nothing due this week, really, and one of my classes is practically optional. The professor said as much. I'm feeling like a vacation is in order, even though I've hardly accomplished anything since mid-quarter. I need to work on my group project, finish Fanon, and watch an archaeology related movie for extra credit over break. I plan on doing nothing else except sleeping and eating with my family.

I turned in my Belfast application, although I'm freaking out slightly because I haven't even had a confirmation back from them, and Liz is already scheduling an interview for Prague. I didn't actually realize how invested I was in the program until I was on my way to the office to turn in my application and practically had a panic attack. I will really, really be crushed if I don't get to go. It's my dream program - I practically made it up myself.

Oh, I just checked the program site and it said the application has been extended to December 1st! I feel significantly relieved. I wonder why it was extended? Maybe they didn't have enough applicants or something? I kind of doubt that. There's only 16 spaces.

In other news, Linden and I are still "not together", although we are trying to find time every week to hang out. We're still just taking it one day at a time and trying to determine whether this distance is too much for us right now. It's just incredibly difficult when all we have are Sunday mornings, and we have a tendency to sleep right through them. We're both just so exhausted from our lives outside of each other that it's hard to round up enough energy to enjoy ourselves together. It'll be nice to actually spend a significant chunk of time with her over winter break and be able to go somewhere. I think we decided that we're going to go sledding/tubing at Snoqualmie pass. We miss each other. A lot.

Otherwise, college has been fun. I'm spending a lot of time with Liz and this girl named Sarah from California. I think they're keeping me sane. So far there hasn't been any lack of adventures, and I'm feeling very connected to them. It's nice to have friends so close. I haven't really had any friends within walking distance since...well, high school I guess. Liz and I never saw each other all that regularly before this fall, and it's interesting to be able to watch our relationship grow. I've probably learned more about her in the past few months than I have since our friendship began. Even though this quarter has probably been the most tumultuous period of my entire life, fraught with so many changes I can hardly see straight, I've gained a lot of perspective, and realized how blessed I am to know the people I do so intimately. They are all dynamic, articulate, creative, passionate women. I hope I can remain this close to them for a very, very long time. I also hope I get to know Sarah and Hope better over the course of the rest of the year, because I adore them as well.

I brought my old guitar back to school this weekend and I'm hoping I'll be able to play around on it with both Sarah and Liz. They are rather brilliant musicians, and maybe they can teach me a few chords.

Anyway, I should probably get something to eat. I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day, and I'm thankful for all of you!

I wish my family ate tofurkey. It's so way better.